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Dual citizenship

Dual Citizenship: 

Even though Luxembourg accepts dual citizenship for nationals, or third country nationals residing in or out of Luxembourg, and offers options to reclaim the Luxembourg nationality in case it was lost, or based on ancestry, Luxembourg has not signed any bilateral agreement with any other country on that specific matter. Please note that applicants not being Luxembourg nationals should always verify with the competent authorities of their country of citizenship whether the law of this first country also accepts the principle of dual (or multiple) citizenship, while Luxembourg nationals willing to acquire a third country citizenship are invited to check with the foreign country authorities. There is no formal bilateral agreement on such a matter between Luxembourg and the USA.

To finalize the reclamation procedure you will have to go to Luxembourg in person to submit all the required documents to the State Registrar.

The law of October 23, 2008 mainly allows the following situations:

  1. Luxembourg nationals to have a dual citizenship by acquiring the nationality of a third country
  2. Luxembourg nationals having lost their citizenship while acquiring the nationality of a third country before the law of 10/23/2008 may reclaim it based on Articles 14 or 31 of the law
  3. Foreigners of Luxembourg descent with a direct ancestor who was with the Luxembourg nationality on January 1, 1900 may reclaim the nationality based on Article 29 of the law. It is to be mentioned that this particular option will expire on December 31, 2018 in case the ancestry line goes back through female lineage.

 To apply, please refer to the website links

and  where you can find all the necessary forms.

See the brochure in English with the last update to the law of October 23, 2008.

Please refer to the brochure to be sure you gather all the documents applying to your own situation.


For additional support you may either contact the international info line available on the website of the Ministry of Justice  where a team of legal specialists can assist you, or the Luxembourg Amercian Cultural Society - see Useful links-. We do not perform any kind of research, or translation. 


Important information about the dual citizenship in the USA:

Dual citizenship is not in the US law. 

You are a US citizen and as such must travel with your US passport.

You may not leave the USA and reenter the USA without your US passport.

About the use of your US and Luxembourg passports keep in mind one important thing:

When you leave and enter the US territory, use your US passport. For the USA you are primarily a US citizen, your double nationality with Luxembourg is simply tolerated – there is no bilateral agreement and there is no formal acceptance of dual citizenship that is written anywhere in the US law.

More on this link, as it is a point of concern not to be ignored.


The U.S. Government recognizes that dual nationality exists, but does not encourage it as a matter of policy. U.S. law does not mention dual nationality or require a person to choose one citizenship or another

  • Travel with a U.S. Passport
     You must use your U.S. passport to enter or leave the United States. Use the other country's passport to enter or leave it.


Unless you decide to permanently move to Luxembourg or to any other country of the European Union, our advice is: If you travel to the Schengen area for less than 90 days or 90 days maximum, use your US passport only to leave the USA, enter the Schengen area, exit the Schengen area and re-entering the USA. Feel otherwise free to use your Luxembourg passport once in the Schengen area when traveling through the EU. Only enter the Schengen area with your Luxembourg passport when staying more than 90 days, and be prepared for some questioning by the Customs and Borders Protection Officers when you will get back to the USA based on the potential absence of any entry and exit stamps from a foreign country in your US passport.