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Stay more than 90 days in Luxembourg: Temporary Stay Authorization - Residency Permit -

We do not take questions on the phone.

Individual persons will find general information about long stays of more than 90 days can be found on our Government Desk GUICHET.LU:

Individual applicants will follow the procedure on GUICHET.LU and lodge their applications individually to the Directorate of the Immigration in Luxembourg. All copies shall bear a Apostil.

The following eligible persons are invited to contact us by e-mail in order to get information on a facilitated procedure and their applications pre-approved and certified:

University of Luxembourg: 

  • Students
  • Exchange Study Program
  • Professors
  • Researchers

Sacred Heart University, and Miami University:


Fulbright Program:

All person having obtained a Fulbright Grant to either study or make further research in a recognized Luxembourg body

All transferred or detached workers of major US corporations with a branch or subsidiary located in Luxembourg

We will generally respond within two to three business days with the procedure to be followed.