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Crown Prince Guillaume and Deputy Prime Minister Etienne Schneider head a trade mission to the US West Coast with a focus on space

Published Thursday April 13 2017

In the context of Luxembourg’s  initiative which aims at creating a European hub for space exploration in Luxembourg, H.R.H. Crown Prince Guillaume, accompanied by H.R.H. Crown Princess Stephanie, and Etienne Schneider, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, headed a trade mission to the US West Coast from 9 to 13 April focused on the space sector. Stops in Seattle and Silicon Valley allowed the Luxembourg delegation to present Luxembourg’s potential for space activities and to deepen contacts with American companies and research facilities in the field of space exploration and utilization of space resources.

The delegation visited the headquarters in Seattle of Planetary Resources, one of the companies that have chosen Luxembourg for their European headquarters, as well as NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, where a number of space companies, among which Made in Space, Skycorp, Astro Digital and Spire presented their activities. Other visits included the research institute SETI in Mountain View and the companies Space Systems Loral and Planet, whose activities are of interest in the context of the  initiative.

At a seminar on “Developing New Markets in Space”, Simon Pete Worden, of the Breakthrough Prize Foundation, former director of the NASA Ames Research Center and member of the Advisory Board of the  initiative, pronounced the keynote address, before a round table discussion. The delegation also had a meeting with the B612 Foundation to discuss the upcoming Asteroid Day 2017 which will be hosted live from Luxembourg.