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Festival de la Francophonie in Washington, D.C., with “Dock in Absolute”

Published Tuesday March 06 2018

In the context of the 2018 Festival de la Francophonie, the Luxembourg Jazz Trio “Dock in Absolute” played yesterday evening at the Luxembourg Embassy in Washington, D.C. 

Jean-Philippe Koch on piano, David Kintziger on bass and Nate Wong on drums were able to captivate the audience with their fresh and unique jazz style, combining progressive jazz, classical music and rock music. After their DC performance, the trio, which has recently been named Luxembourg’s “Export Artist of the Year”, continued their tour to Mexico, where they will represent Luxembourg at the Mexico City Euro Jazz Festival.

Since 2001, some 40 Embassies and partners come together in the US Capital region, during the month of March, to celebrate the cultural diversity of the people who share the French language.  

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