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Luxembourg hosts the 2018 NewSpace Europe conference

Published Tuesday November 27 2018

For the second time, Luxembourg hosted the only annual space conference in Europe that focuses solely on the NewSpace industry and the economic opportunities of space. NewSpace Europe was organized by the Luxembourg Space Agency in Luxembourg city, in cooperation with the Space Frontier Foundation and Spire.

The conference centered on the theme of “Breaking Barriers” and discussed ways that current barriers are overcome in launch, remote sensing, space-based economy, investment, and communications. The program included panels on a future lunar economy, space based economy, earth observation and data analysis, among many others. Speakers included a number of US based experts and professionals, among which Jim Cantrell, Co-Founder and CEO of Vector Launch, Clay Mowry, Vice-President of Blue Origin and Dennis Stone, Project Executive of Collaborations for Commercial Space Capabilities at NASA. The President and CEO of Luxembourg-headquartered SES, Steve Collar, delivered one of the keynotes and discussed how SES, the world-leading satellite operator, looks ahead to the new wave of satellite technology powering the future, the O3bmPOWER system.