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Luxembourg joins the United States and 46 other States to issue a Joint Declaration for the responsible Export and Subsequent Use of Armed or Strike-Enabled Unmanned Vehicles (UAVs)

Published Wednesday October 05 2016

As an increasing number of States are acquiring UAVs to support a range of missions, including military missions that promote peace and security, a group of 48 like-minded States issued a joint declaration promoting the responsible export and subsequent use of these systems, as the misuse of armed or strike-enabled UAVs could fuel conflict and instability and facilitate terrorism and organized crime.
The declaration states a number of principles that the governments recognize, in particular the applicability of international law, the importance of engaging in the responsible export of such UAVs in line with existing relevant international arms control and disarmament norms, the consistency of the export of such UAVs with the principles of existing multilateral export control and nonproliferation regimes and the importance of appropriate voluntary transparency measures. They signatory States call upon other governments to respect these principles and are resolved to continue discussions on how these capabilities are transferred and used responsibly by all States. Read the full declaration here.