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Luxembourg ranks 12th in worldwide expats satisfaction survey

Published Friday September 06 2019

In early September 2019, the worldwide expats network Internations published the sixth annual edition of its "Expat Insider" survey. More than 20,000 participants, representing 182 nationalities scattered across 187 countries or territories from around the globe, shared their experiences this year, answering questions about living and working abroad. The main topics of this qualitative study relate to the expats' appreciation of living in their host country, the ease of settling in, personal finance, work and family life. The participants were asked to rank, on a scale of 1 to 7, up to 48 different factors about these various aspects of life abroad. Both emotional topics (e.g. friendliness of the locals) as well as more factual aspects (e.g. affordability of healthcare) were considered by the survey with equal weight. In the overall 2019 worldwide ranking, which also considers how satisfied expats are with their life abroad in general, Luxembourg ranks 12th. The 3 top expat destinations 2019 are, according to the survey, Taiwan, Vietnam and Portugal. Other European Union member states like Spain rank 5th, the Czech Republic 10th and Bulgaria 11th. Luxembourg’s close partners are ranked as follows:  the Netherlands finish 24th, Belgium 28th, Germany 33rd, France 42nd and the UK 58th.
The Grand Duchy did especially well in the category about expats experiences working abroad: Luxembourg made an overall 3rd place in this topic, while being 1st in the sub-category "Economy & Job security".The detailed results of the survey can be found at