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Luxembourg's Brand Strength ranks 5th worldwide

Published Thursday January 02 2020

The Vancouver (CAN) based website , which aims at helping "make this complex world a little easier to understand" by highlighting big picture global trends and exploring "the context that gets overlooked" through selectively using available data recently published a chart about the most valuable nation brands.

Using the BSI scoring method, which allows a more accurate reflection of a government’s guidance of its nation brand as it eliminates the inherent GDP advantage that bigger economies have, the website announced that the top strongest nation brands worldwide are led by Singapore, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg.

The published chart uses data from Brand Finance’s Nation Brands report, which attempts to quantify the reputations of various countries around the world. The scores were calculated using the three pillars "Goods and Services" (openness to tourism, market size, trade rules...), "Society" (quality of life, corruption, cultural image...) and "Investment" (talent retention, use of technology, ...).

The complete chart can be found here.