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Luxembourg successfully launches GovSat-1 from Cape Canaveral in Florida

Published Wednesday January 31 2018

On January 31st, Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Etienne Schneider witnessed the GovSat-1 satellite soar into orbit above Cape Canaveral, Florida. They were joined by Their Royal Highnesses the Hereditary Grand Duke and the Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. 

The company behind the satellite, LuxGovSat, is a public-private joint venture between the Luxembourg government and SES, the world-leading Luxembourg-based satellite operator. GovSat-1, its first satellite, launched without issue on Wednesday at 4.25 P.M. The satellite pushed beyond the atmosphere aboard a flight-proven SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket.  

GovSat-1 illustrates Luxembourg’s continued commitment to take its responsibilities as a reliable international partner and ally. The satellite will provide highly secure communication capabilities for the sole use by governments and institutions, such as NATO and the EU. 

Built by US company Orbital ATK, GovSat1 is a multi-mission satellite that supports defense and security as well as civil and humanitarian applications and is ideally positioned to address satellite communication needs within Europe, the Middle East and Africa, over the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas as well as the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.   

GovSat-1 is also representative of Luxembourg’s growing role in the space sector. Prime Minister Bettel said “This is the beginning of a new experience for Luxembourg. GovSat is strengthening the position of Luxembourg as a key player in the space sector and contributes to the diversification of our economy.” 

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Watch a replay of the launch here.