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The United States and Luxembourg sign a Memorandum of Understanding on the Warehouse Service Agency in Sanem

Published Wednesday October 02 2019

On 2nd October 2019, Luxembourg's Minister of Defence, François Bausch, and the U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg, Randy Evans, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cost sharing for maintenance and storage operations of the United States Air Force Europe (USAFE) at the military depot in Sanem, Luxembourg, managed by the Warehouses Service Agency (WSA). Under the new MOU, Luxembourg has committed to cover the corresponding costs over a period of ten years up to 225 million euros. To this end, the Minister of Defence will soon introduce a financing bill at the Luxembourg Parliament.

The Memorandum of Understanding marks a bright future for the warehouse facility and for the U.S.-Luxembourg defence cooperation. As a continuation of the first Memorandum of Understanding signed in 1978, the new MOU reinforces our mutual commitment to our alliance. Indeed, USAFE plans to increase the storage capacity in the current perimeter of the site, which will lead to a substantial increase in the WSA workforce.