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Xavier Bettel and Etienne Schneider present Luxembourg’s strategy for artificial intelligence

Published Wednesday April 24 2019

Prime Minister and Minister for Digitalization Xavier Bettel and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy Etienne Schneider, in a joint press conference on 24 May, presented two key documents in the context of artificial intelligence (AI): a strategic vision on artificial intelligence for Luxembourg as well as the Data-Driven Innovation Strategy for the Development of a Trusted and Sustainable Economy in Luxembourg.

In Prime Minister Bettel’s words, « Luxembourg’s vision is one in which AI weaves smoothly into the fabric of society – improving the lives of all citizens and strengthening our activities as a nation and member of the global community.”

Luxembourg strives to be among the most advanced digital societies in the world, to become a data-driven and sustainable economy, and to support human-centric AI development.

For more information :

- The Strategic Vision

- The Data-Driven Innovation Strategy