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Word of welcome by Ambassador Gaston Stronck

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Luxembourg in Washington, DC. We take pride in having you as a visitor. It means you are interested in Luxembourg! 

The United States and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg have longstanding and vibrant relations and there are many interesting and stimulating activities going on. The Embassy is here to inform you about all of that! It is a fascinating and diversified package: The most important fields are economic (trade, investment and innovation) and political cooperation (regional and global challenges, safeguarding a liberal and free society), but we are also active in cultural and consular activities. 

Furthermore, this website aims to give you general information about Luxembourg and to provide you with specific addresses in case you would like to get even more details on the subjects that are of interest to you. 

We ourselves are available if you have additional questions on living, working, studying and doing business in Luxembourg, or if you just want to visit the Grand Duchy. We will keep you updated on activities of the Embassy as well, so feel free to add this website to one of your favorite pages and subscribe to our Facebook account for frequent updates on our activities.

Gaston Stronck


20190909 Ambassador Gaston Stronck - 10 LR


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