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Customs requirements, duties, traveling with pets

1) Personal belongings

Please refer to your moving company and/or a custom agent in Luxembourg who will take care of the import declaration

2) Vehicle

a) To import a vehicle, you must provide the US registration documents 

b) To register your US vehicle in Luxembourg

You must submit your US car registration and take contact with:

Société Nationale de Contrôle Technique - SNCT Sàrl

11 r. de Luxembourg

L-5230 Sandweiler (Sandweiler)

Tel.: 35 72 14 1
Fax: 35 72 14 210
P.O: 23 L-5201 Sandweiler

3) Customs

Please contact the Luxembourg customs for any related questions.

3) Traveling with pets


 A/ to bring your dog or cat with you into Luxembourg you need:

  1. a certificate* that your dog or cat is vaccinated against rabies since at least 30 days and not older than 1 year
  2. a certificate* that your dog or cat is in good health and is free of all infectious illness (not older than 14 days )
  3.  Referring to the European Regulation EC No. 998/2003, the dogs from a third country that are entering a state member of the European Union should have been subject of a neutralizing antibody titration at least equal to 0.5 IU/ml performed on a sample taken by an authorized veterinarian at least thirty days after vaccination and three months before being moved. This should be done at least 4 months before departure to the Grand Duchy.

*These two certificates must be validated by a legal veterinarian (that means that the signature of YOUR usual veterinarian must be validated by an official state veterinarian)

 Source:, October 19, 2006 – and Inspection Vétérinaire – communication du 10 mars 2009

Rabbits (Domestic)

 There is not a formal or official certificate that needs to be completed.

 A general certificate should contain the following information:

- The name and address of the person shipping the rabbit

- The name and address of the person receiving the rabbit

- An identification of the animal (microchip or tattoo)

- The animal was examined at the moment of departure

- The animal was found to be in good health and fit for travel

 This certificate must be signed by an official veterinarian.

 Source : Dr. A. Dühr, Vétérinaire officiel, Findel Airport, 19 octobre 2006

For more information please contact:

Ministère de l'Agriculture, de la Viticulture et du Développement rural

Administration des Services vétérinaires
Division de l'Inspection vétérinaire

Dr DUHR Albert

Tél : 2456-6502

Vétérinaire officiel (Aéroport Findel)