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US Citizens

US nationals do not need a visa to travel to Luxembourg no matter the length of the stay, or the reason.

US passport must be valid three months beyond the date of return to the USA.

In order to lawfully enter Luxembourg territory, in addition to holding a valid passport US nationals must meet the following conditions:

  • they cannot be listed in the Schengen Information System (SIS);
  • they cannot have lost the right to enter Luxembourg territory;
  • they cannot be considered as a threat to public order, national security, public health or international relations of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or of one of the signatory States of an international convention on the crossing of external borders and binding the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;
  • they must be able to prove the object and conditions of the intended stay;
  • they must possess sufficient personal resources, for the duration of the intended stay as well as for the return to the country of origin or the transit to a third country in which their admission is guaranteed (or prove the possibility to lawfully acquire these means);
  • they must have comprehensive health insurance valid in Luxembourg.

In the case of an employment during a period of no more than 90 days, when it exceeds the social minimum revenue, and the source of revenue is originated in Luxembourg, directly paid by a Luxembourg employer, you might be submitted to the obligation of a work permit . Application for work permits are to be lodged with the Directorate of the Immigration in Luxembourg and such an application is usually started by the employer in Luxembourg.


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For staying more than 90 days, an application for a residency permit will be necessary and this one will vary upon the final purpose of the stay.

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