Luxembourg, one of the World's Safest Data Locations

Cloud computing is exposing businesses to new risks and it is easy to imagine that data “in the cloud” is safe and secure. But in reality, all these data exist somewhere in a physical form, often in some of the world’s riskiest locations. A recent analysis – combining 3,5 trillion IP addresses assigned to 170 countries – has produced a unique data privacy and security map. Based on key risk factors, Luxembourg ranks as safest nation for data privacy and storage inside the European Union (EU)!

That’s according to a new Data Danger Zones report from secure data centre Artmotion, which ranked over 170 nations on their abilities to keep digital information safe, private and secure. Combining independent data from the United Nations, World Economic Forum, Transparency International, Global IntAKE and Control Risk, the new international benchmark examines a range of key security factors - from the quality of digital infrastructure, to political instability, to the potential risk of natural disasters.

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