Starting March 1st: Luxembourg first country in the world to offer free public transport nationwide

The very much anticipated day is finally getting closer. Starting this March 1st, public transport in Luxembourg will be free nationwide. The Grand Duchy will be the first country in the world offering this opportunity to everyone travelling on the bus, the train or the tram. Travelling will become much easier as a ticket to board any means of public transportation will no longer be needed. However, "first class train tickets and passes will remain valid: there will be no change or discount”, states the official mobility website . As free public transport ends at the nation’s border, cross-border tickets have been reassessed and those of the almost 200,000 commuters from the neighbouring countries who use public transportation will benefit from reduced fares. The initiative will provide public transport users of today and tomorrow with a reliable, safe and friendly service, while trying to convince more people to use public transportation, reducing the use of private cars and making an important step towards reducing emissions and supporting the environment.

To celebrate the start into free public transport, twelve mini-concerts will be organised on February 29th in 4 railroad stations throughout the country: Belval-Université, Luxembourg, Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg and Ettelbruck. In addition, some mobile musical gigs will take place in busses, trams and trains, implicating some of Luxembourg’s well known entertainers like singer and songwriter Serge Tonnar or jazz pianist Michel Reis. The final celebration will take place during an exceptional collective concert at the “Neien Tramsschapp” in Luxembourg-Kirchberg.

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