Dr. Michel Goedert receives the first Rainwater Prize for Outstanding Innovation in Neurodegenerative Research

The  Rainwater Prize Program  is the largest prize program for brain research. Based in Texas, US, it has conferred its inaugural award to the Luxembourg natif Dr. Michel Goedert who is studying the molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration at the University of Cambridge’s Laboratory of Molecular Biology, one of "the birthplaces of modern molecular biology”. Dr. Goedert's work was "instrumental in the discovery of the importance of Tau protein for Alzheimer’s disease. When Tau acts abnormally, it assembles into clusters of filaments and becomes insoluble. A pathological pathway leading from soluble to insoluble filamentous Tau is believed to cause neurodegeneration.” He is being rewarded for "establishing that the abnormal assembly of Tau protein is central to a large number of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s Disease.” He was chosen for the prize "for his research, leadership, mentorship, and overall contributions to the scientific community.” Dr. Goedert, who received the prize this Thursday at the TAU 2020 Global Conference in Washington, DC, commented: “The Rainwater Prize recognises our work on the role of Tau protein in a number of human neurodegenerative diseases that began at the LMB more than thirty years ago. This work would not have been possible without the long-term support from the MRC.” (Medical Research Council)Further information can be found here .


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