General Tom Middendorp presented the "World Climate and Security Report" in Luxembourg

On 14 February 2020, François Bausch, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, attended the presentation of the "World Climate and Security Report" which was officially introduced by General Tom Middendorp at the "Munich Security Conference” the past weekend. The International Military Council on Climate and Security examined the impact of climate change on human security and on the defence sector and provides a summary of the current situation and a number of recommendations. While climate change is not considered a direct and sole cause of conflict, it is nevertheless described as a multiplier of risks and threats in an environment often marked by other weaknesses and worrying developments, such as poverty, high population growth, generally weak governance and, as a result, increased competition for access to natural resources, including in particular arable land and drinking water, which are essential for human life and survival.

Tom Middendorp advocates that military efforts play a leading role in helping to identify and address climate change issues. "It is no longer exclusively up to the lobbies to raise awareness, but also to the generals and officers," the General said. François Bausch confirmed that Luxembourg is engaging in this discussion at the national level with a view to reducing the carbon footprint of its army and at the international level by introducing the subject on the agenda of the EU Foreign Affairs Council (Defence) and at the UN, respectively NATO.

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