Dräi Eechelen Museum

Dräi Eechelen Museum is a unique historical site and a living witness to Luxembourg's history. A fortified castle turned cultural center, it is located inside the renovated Fort Thüngen, first built in 1732-33.

The Museum aims to not only show, but also tell and explain the specificity of the Fortress of Luxembourg with regard to the history of the city, the territorial formation of the country and the cultural identity of the nation.

The museum’s historic home is itself an important element in the permanent exhibition entitled “Fortress, History, Identity”. With its impressive underground tunnels, the building still largely remains as it was when it was last extended in 1836-37. On a guided tour, visitors can discover over 600 objects and original documents on permanent display behind the fortified walls. The museum also regularly presents special contemporary exhibitions.

You can now discover the Dräi Eechelen Museum with its casemates as well as the underground galleries of forts Olizy and Niedergrünewald through immersive and interactive 3D tours. Scanned using cutting-edge technologies, the museum thus offers a fascinating digital experience of the fortified heritage of Luxembourg.

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