Luxembourg company Kleos Space opens engineering office in Denver, Colorado

Kleos Space, a Luxembourg-based geospatial intelligence company, has established its principal US engineering presence in Denver, Colorado.

Kleos has engaged with Denver Economic Development & Opportunity and chosen the city for its engineering and aerospace support services. Colorado has been striving to become an “Aerospace Alley” and affirm its position as a leader in the industry. There are currently nearly 60,000 people working for more than 500 companies and suppliers providing space-related products and services in Colorado.

Kleos’ satellites detect and geolocate maritime radio frequency transmissions to provide global activity-based intelligence, enhancing the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities of governments and commercial entities when Automatic Identification System is defeated, imagery unclear or targets out of patrol range.

The company successfully launched its first cluster of four satellites on 7 November 2020. The second cluster, Polar Vigilance Mission, will be launched under contract with Spaceflight Inc. on the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch scheduled for mid-2021.

Kleos is one of a handful of newspace companies established in Luxembourg, following the 2016 launch of the Space Resources strategy to diversify the country's economic landscape.

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