New science comics made in Luxembourg

Nine Luxembourg cartoonists illustrate university research subjects in a new comic book

Scientists in Luxembourg have teamed up with local comic artists to produce a new series of science graphic novels called "LUX:plorations: A Universe of Research". Led by the University of Luxembourg, the comic project combines science and art made in Luxembourg.

The two main characters take the reader on numerous adventures. The heroine Zamara, who comes from the planet Liquaria, is an extraterrestrial visiting earth, more specifically Luxembourg, as an exchange student. Together with her faithful and facetious four-legged friend Yso, they learn something new every day by exploring our planet.

The aim of the project is to make scientific subjects and themes accessible to the public. In this volume, composed of eight short comics, readers can explore stories around neurobiology, climate change, mathematics, user experience, allergies, hydrology, solar cells and the microbiome.

More information - Read LUX:ploration

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