Luxembourg National Museum of History and Art at your fingertips

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The National Museum of History and Art, located in Luxembourg City, is dedicated to displaying artworks and artefacts from all epochs of Luxembourg history. The museum contains some unexpected treasures such as a mosaic from the Roman villa at Vichten dating back to 240 AD, Edward Steichen’s photographs, Pablo Picasso’s “Paysage de Cannes au Crépuscule”, or beautiful Art Deco items. The museum, which covers a total area of 66,736 sq ft, is situated in the heart of the UNESCO-listed Old Town, between the Grand Ducal Palace and the Bock casemates, and brings Luxembourg’s history to life with a series of themed tours.

The museum offers a fascinating 3D digital experience, achieved through cutting-edge technologies. From prehistory to the Beaux Arts movement of the 20th century, you can now experience Luxembourg's cultural heritage right in the comfort of your home.

Archaeology - From Prehistory to the Middle Ages, discover the archaeological heritage on five floors.

Old Masters - Find yourself on a rich and unique journey through time and discover the MNHA’s masterpieces from the 13th to the 18th century.

Modern and Contemporary Art - Discover artistic trends from the 20th century to today, with an emphasis on neo-impressionism, the School of Paris and New Figuration.

Art in Luxembourg - The collection of Luxembourg art provides an overview of the Grand Duchy’s art history from the 19th century until today.

Arts and Crafts - The rooms of the Wiltheim Wing provide an original look at Luxembourg’s way of living and its applied arts.

The Coin Cabinet - Gold coins, prestigious decorations and Luxembourg’s first bank notes, discover the MNHA’s most secret collection.

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