Vol. 2 Luxembourg companies in the United States: Paul Wurth

Headquartered in Luxembourg since its creation in 1870, the Paul Wurth Group is a leading player in the global market for design and production of equipment for the iron and steel industry. Its special focus is on the construction and modernization of complete blast furnace and coke oven plants using the latest state-of-the-art technologies.

Environmental protection technologies for the iron and steel industry, as well as waste treatment and recycling facilities, complete Paul Wurth’s product portfolio in so far as the liquid phase of steelmaking is concerned. This full range of products allows the company to support their customers in the production of hot metal from start to finish.

Recently, Paul Wurth has been stepping up initiatives to take its proven engineering and project management expertise to other business areas and so to develop new mainstays, for example in the energy and oil and gas sectors.

With more than 1 700 employees in over 20 countries, the Paul Wurth Group has a strong presence in those regions of the world where a significant iron and steel industry operates.

Set up in 1984, Paul Wurth Inc. is the extended arm of the Group in the North American iron and steel industry through the sale and manufacture of specialized blast furnace and steelmaking equipment. Having over the years successfully obtained orders for nearly the entire range of Paul Wurth products, Paul Wurth Inc. mainly concentrates today on engineering and supply of equipment for blast furnace relines in the United States and in Canada. Besides the metals industry, Paul Wurth Inc. also provides innovative engineering and site technology services for chemical plants, environmental plants and the cement industry.

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