Luxembourg ranks in the top 3 resilient countries in FM Global Report

The risk analysis group FM Global released the 2021 edition of its Resilience Index. The report is the only tool that compiles economic, supply chain and risk quality data on nearly 130 countries to evaluate resilience around the world.

Luxembourg ranks first in the “Economy” category and is in third position in the general ranking (with an average score of 96.7 out of 100). The standings are led by Denmark, ahead of Norway.

FM Global's index is based on quantitative data compiled from sources including the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, U.N., and others. The index incorporates three main factors – economic, risk quality and supply chain – with four individual metrics for each category. Productivity and political risk are considered economic drivers, for example, while exposure to natural hazards and inherent cyber risk are factored in under the risk quality category, according to FM's methodology guide.

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