Luxembourg ranks in the top 10 countries in WJP Rule of Law Index report

The World Justice Project (WJP) released its Rule of Law Index 2021, the world’s leading source for original rule of law data. This is the first in this annual series to capture rule of law changes during the global COVID-19 pandemic and has highlighted and reinforced longstanding structural inequalities and governance weaknesses.

Featured in the report for the first time, Luxembourg ranks in eighth position out of 139 countries (with an average score of 0.83 out of 1). The standings are led by Denmark, ahead of Norway.

The Index covers such rule of law factors as constraints on government power, fundamental rights, corruption, discrimination, security, and the functioning of regulatory, criminal, and civil justice systems. This quantitative tool provides citizens, governments, policymakers, donors, businesses, media, academics, and civil society organizations around the world with a comprehensive comparative analysis of countries’ adherence to universal rule of law principles.

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